What can fans and supporters do on the APP?

  • View draws, results and standings for all community rugby competitions - tap on the Fixtures button.
  • View Team Lists - tap the Fixtures button and then tap on the team you wish to see.
  • View live scoring - during game time, tap the Fixtures button, then select the Results tab for the competition you want and watch the scores update live while the game is being played.

How do I get the APP?

It's available now in the App Store and Google Play

Do I need a login?

No, the only people who need logins are those scoring the games and selecting the teams


The new App lets you access draws and other great rugby information. Importantly, the App has an "Officials" section that lets Teams and Referees:

• Create Team Sheets - powered by TeamBuilder to select players

• Score games

• Submit results directly from the APP

• Results from all games live-stream on APP and websites


• Improve the experience of volunteers, administrators and supporters of community rugby

• Submission of results and team sheets/match reports was paper based and labour intensive at the volunteer/administrator level

• Get results out quickly and accurately 

• Visibility of results and standings for supporters of community rugby 

How do I use it?

The first step is to ensure your club or school has registered everyone online through Sporty.co.nz and created teams as per this Registration User Guide.

The Rugby Officials User Guide is for:

  • Official Mid Canterbury Rugby Union
  • Anyone who will score a game
  • Anyone who will select a "game day" team 

The Club Admin User Guide is for:

  • Club Officials that have access to Sporty Player Registrations and TeamBuilder™.

How to select a team

How to score a game


Will we still do paper team sheets, match reports or text in our scores?

No, all of these will be done in the APP

Which competitions/grades will use the app?

All competitions accross the province will use the app, for all grades from U6 to Premier/Division 1

Who will have access to the Team Sheets & Game Scoring?

Anyone who has been given scorer access to their team by their club/school administrator.

Clubs/Schools administrators will provide teams with their scorer codes. If you are a club/school admin and unsure of this process please see this user guide.

How will the players get on the Team Sheet?

All players must be registered to appear on a team sheet. Unregistered players will not be able to be loaded to a team sheet. 

Do you have to be online/using data to use the APP?

Only to select a team or submit a final result, everything else can be done offline on game day

How do I get the APP?

It's available now in the itunes App Store and the Google Play store

As a manager, how do I get access?

Your club/school administrator will provide you with the unique scorer code for your team.

Go to the app, click the Officials icon and either Register Here (if a new user) or Login (if an existing Sporty user)

Enter your scorer code then you are good to go!

I forgot my password

Click this link to reset your password.  Simply enter your username (this will normally be your email address), click submit, and a password reset email will be sent to you. 

My APP doesn't have an officials button?

Check you have downloaded the Mid Canterbury Rugby app, not your local club app. Links to the app are above. 

My phone died and I need to submit a team list, what do I do?

  1. Keep a hard copy of the results and enter when you get home
  2. Your club should have given access to more than one person in your team, ask around and submit team list through there
  3. All else fails, here is a template of the team list/sheet/match report

I have logged in, and I can’t see my game?

  1. Has your draw been created? You can tell by checking on the website or on the draws button.
  2. Check with your club admin that you have access to the right team.
  3. Check your team has an active draw.
  4. Ask your club admin to send you the login app link again, click on the appropriate link in the app and then log into the app again.
  5. You’re not the scorer of the correct team, or you haven’t been granted scoring access to this team.

Some of my players aren’t there, why?

  1. The players haven’t registered with the club
  2. The players have registered, but they haven’t been loaded into team
  3. Check in other squad, do this by clicking on "select from other squad" in the app and select the players from other teams. 
  4. They’re not registered and cannot play this match. Solution: player needs to register online and club admin needs to assign that player to the team so you can select them. 

What if we can’t agree on the score between the two teams?

You can scroll back through the ‘scoring events’ and see if you can identify the issue then correct it, or submit your scores and the Draw Convenor will investigate on Monday morning.

How do I know who hasn’t sent in their scores?

The result in the website will be blank. 

Will results be published for all grades?

This is something that each competition will work through, it is possible to publish draws, results and standings, or draws and results or just draws.

When do my results and team sheets need to be submitted by?

These timeframes will be set by the individual competitions.

It's Game Day and I have a problem that isn’t answered here, what do I do?

  1. Use your second scorer’s phone for this weekend and sort out on Monday
  2. Contact your club administrator in the first instance to check if they can help
  3. If they can’t help, ask your club administrator to contact us
  4. If there is a massive problem, we will put a notification on our facebook page letting you know what you can do
  5. If it’s not working and you are U6-U10, just let your grade advisor know the score and don’t worry about anything else
  6. If it’s not working and you are U11 and above, capture this info in the team list template and send through to admin@midcanterburyrugby.co.nz . We will manually upload the scores onto the website on Monday

I think the APP is broken or there has been a total failure?

Check our Facebook page for updates