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Make a Difference – Become a Mid Canterbury Rugby Referee

The Game Needs You to Make a Difference!

On every Saturday during March to September, everywhere in the Mid Canterbury area Rugby Referees are needed for all levels from Junior rugby in the morning to Senior Club Rugby in the afternoon.

During the week at Primary and Secondary Schools throughout Mid Canterbury there are games that require someone to referee.

Whatever your ambition may be – whether you want to referee at the next World Cup or you want to referee at Primary School level there is a place for you with theMid Canterbury Rugby Referees Association.

If you want to Referee or you want to find out more please contact 0800 Referee or 022 137 2033

You Make a Difference by becoming a rugby referee as you:

  • Stay involved in the game!
    Just because you can no longer play due to injury or other commitments (like family or work) that’s no reason to leave the game. You can still stay active and involved by refereeing. Refereeing is flexible enough to be able to work around any other commitments you may have.
  • Stay fit!
    By refereeing you can maintain (or improve) your physical and mental fitness.
  • Experience new opportunities and new skills
    Referees have opportunities to travel, both within New Zealand and internationally, to experience rugby with different teams and cultures
  • Meet new people!
    Referees come from all walks of life, all age groups and across many nationalities – just like players. There are regular meetings where referees get together to discuss refereeing issues. There are also plenty of social functions to meet other referees and their families.
  • Give something back to the game you love!
    The future Matt Todds, Dan Carters, Keiran Reids and Richie McCaws are waiting to start their rugby careers. By refereeing you can help get them started – just like someone helped you!!

What do you need to start Refereeing?

All you need is a love of the game and a pair of boots. You will be provided with everything you need to referee from Law Book and Whistle to Uniform and Touch Judge Flags. You are given specialised training both off and on the paddock in the art of Refereeing. You will also have a Coach who will monitor your performance and give you advice and support as you develop as a Referee. Regular training meetings are held at the Ashburton Showgrounds starting at 7-30pm

What else is available to Referees?

Access to tickets for home games for the Mid Canterbury Heartland team


Referee Courses 
Full Referee includes:
Regular Tuesday Night Tutoring
Duration: 1 1/2 hours on Tuesday evenings
Purpose: Training programmes for all levels from 1st year through to Premier
Topics: All topics associated with refereeing

Fortnightly Training Agenda and Notes 
Associate Referee includes:
Contact: Mid-Canterbury Rugby Union for venues and dates
Purpose: Basic introduction to enable participants to referee lower grade games
Topics: Briefly covers The Role of the Referee, Whistle! Signals! Verbals!, Kick Offs, Tackle, Advantage, Ruck and Maul, Scrum, Lineout, Open Field, Goal Line Area and Touchdown, Rugbysmart.

Club Referee
Duration: Day Session
Purpose: For People who would like to Referee or AR but also want to have involvement in their local Club. Club Referees are appointed to fixtures at their Clubs
Topics: Briefly covers The Role of the Referee, Whistle! Signals! Verbals!, Kick Offs, Tackle, Advantage, Ruck and Maul, Scrum, Lineout, Open Field, Goal Line Area and Touchdown, Rugbysmart.

You Make the Call 
Duration: 3 days – 5 hours each day
By arrangement
Purpose: Introduction of senior secondary students to Rugby Refereeing at Junior or Beginner level
Benefits: The course content is NZQA approved and provides the opportunity for participants to obtain credits towards unit standards on the National qualifications framework. It is the first stage in the Rugby Refereeing training and development pathway

Topics: 13 Modules including The Role of the Referee, Fixture Organisation, Whistle! Signal! Verbals!, Where Do I Stand?, The Kicks Of Rugby, Tackle, Scrum, Ruck and Maul, Lineout, Offside and Onside in General Play, Foul Play, Advantage –Free Kicks and Penalty Kicks, Touch Judging, Method of Scoring – In-Goal, Rugbysmart